Local Products

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Fish Fillets and Medallions

Frozen Fish Fillets: Queen Corvina, Catfish, Mahi Mahi, Snappers, Yellowfin Snook, Shark and Tilapia Fish; Mackerel fish medallions, available in 1 lb and 2.2 lb bags.

Whole Frozen Fish

Snapper (sizes 1/4-1/2, 1/2-1, 1-2 lb) and Mackerel fish, available in 2.2 lb bags, in 3.3 lb trays and whole sale.


Frozen raw tail of the Caribbean and Pacific 5 oz-24 oz. for special orders.


Shell On Shrimp (sizes 16/20 to 51/60), PUD Shrimp size 90+ ; available in 1 lb bags, 2 lb bags and in 5 lb boxes.

Processed Fish Products

Fish patties, Breaded fish fillets, Seafood soup and Ceviche; available in 1 lb and 2 lb bags.


Whole Frozen Octopus, available in 2.2 lb bags.

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Corn Island Plant
Jack Jelly Point.
Corn Island, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2575 5216
Semáforos del Mercado Mayoreo 1c al Este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2263 0453
Vistana Branch Office
Rotonda Centro América 150mtrs al este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 8864 1402
Bluefields Plant
Barrio Old Bank.
Bluefields, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2572 2245