Export Products

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Live Lobster

Langosta Viva del Caribe: Panulirus Argus, en tamaños de 400 – 1350 gr. Empacadas en cajas de poliestireno. Peso neto 40 lb-50 lb.

Whole Lobsters

Frozen whole raw lobsters and frozen whole cooked lobsters, Panulirus Argus, 400 – 1350 gr, Grades A and B. Individually packed in shrink packages and 1×10 kg boxes. Live lobters from the Caribbean, Panulirus Argus, in 1×45 lb packages.

Lobster Tails

Frozen raw losbter tails from the Caribbean, Panulirus Argus: grade A, grade A Chem Free and grade B. Sizes 5 oz-24 oz. Frozen raw losbter tails from the Pacific, Panulirus Gracilis: grade A, 5 oz-24 oz. Both individually packed in bags and in 1×10 lb and 4×10 lb packages. Frozen Piggy Back lobster tails , 5oz, grade A and B, from the Caribbean: Panulirus Argus, packed in 1×5 lb and 4×5 lb boxes.

Split Lobster and Others

Frozen cooked Split Lobsters, individually packed in bags and 1×2.5 kg boxes. Frozen raw lobster head meat, packed in 1 lb bags and 1×10 lb and 4×10 lb boxes.

Fresh and Frozen Fish

Snapper, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Queen Corvina, Parrot Fish, Cobia. Available in WG, HG, GGS and fillets.


Frozen raw conch meat fillets and frozen raw conch meat trimmings, in 5 lb and 10 lb boxes.

Our Export Marks

Corn Island Plant
Jack Jelly Point.
Corn Island, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2575 5216
Semáforos del Mercado Mayoreo 1c al Este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2263 0453
Vistana Branch Office
Rotonda Centro América 150mtrs al este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 8864 1402
Bluefields Plant
Barrio Old Bank.
Bluefields, Nicaragua.
Teléfono:  +(505) 2572 2245