About Us

Central American Fisheries S.A (CAF) is a Nicaraguan company founded in 1991 whose purpose is the collection, processing, export and local distribution of marine products. As such, we are focused on providing products of the highest quality, complying with strict sanitary standards for a national and international market.

We are one of the leading seafood sales companies in Nicaragua and export to North America, Europe and Asia. We are accredited with HACCP and BRC food safety certifications that support our quality.

We have three marine products processing plants located in Corn Island, Bluefields and Managua, where we restore the communities through Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Through our work on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, we have developed a comprehensive relationship with both artisanal fishermen and industrial fleets. This allows us to maintain a constant flow of Caribbean lobster, which is processed at our plant located in Jack Jelly Point, Corn Island.

In the Nicaraguan Pacific we work with a network of independent collectors which provide us with a variety of fish species typical of the area, which we process daily at our plant in Managua.

Our commitment to the care of the environment, leads us to implement ecologically sustainable practices: we respect the sizes of the product, the catch areas and the closures established by the legal framework.

Corn Island Plant
Jack Jelly Point.
Corn Island, Nicaragua.
Phone:  +(505) 2575 5216
Semáforos del Mercado Mayoreo 1c al Este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Phone:  +(505) 2263 0453
Vistana Branch Office
Rotonda Centro América 150mtrs al este.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Phone:  +(505) 8864 1402
Bluefields Plant
Barrio Old Bank.
Bluefields, Nicaragua.
Phone:  +(505) 2572 2245